The Enchanted Forest

Last month my brother and I attended a “Show ‘n’ Build”, the first event of Sydney Uni’s new EGADS group. Feeling bored and adventurous, we decided to collaborate (for the first time in eleven years) on a project in QBASIC (for the first time in eleven years). Within the four hours of the event we managed to relearn the intricacies of subroutines, text placement and drawing, and end up with something more advanced than anything we had managed to make as kids, in our months and years of messing around with the language.

I suspect what it comes down to is a shift in focus from top-down design, to a more “extreme programming” approach emphasizing functionality, which occurred around the end of high school; from starting with menu screens and opening animations, to making sure the guts of the thing are done first.

Note: a camera is necessary to take screenshots from a running QBASIC program

Note that this isn’t a game; it isn’t fun at all. It’s merely a tech demo, and in that capacity demonstrates that QBASIC shouldn’t be used for games, unless such a game is designed specifically to work well in the interpreter.

The code is available at Pastebin.


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